MMA: Fighting or Stalling

I was digging through and found a blog I wrote back in in 2011 about the controversial topic of stalling in MMA. Keep in my I was an active Muay Thai and MMA fighter when I wrote this. I am a coach now, but my views have not changed dramatically. I hope you enjoy… Is […]


Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is John, aka ‘Luda’, which was my nickname when I used to fight.  I am a lover of Muay Thai, BJJ and student of all martial arts. I am a Certified Personal Trainer and Muay Thai Coach with over 12 years experience in the sport. I am […]

Origins of Life is Hard. Fighting is Easy.

“The meaning of Life is Hard. Fighting is Easy.TM is that life can be a struggle. But, if you find a passion for that one thing that makes you happy, whatever that passion is, it will be easy. The day-to-day and more serious struggles in life can weigh a persondown. Life in itself is a […]