The owner, John Cumper, is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, Certified Muay Thai Instructor and MMA fitness coach. He has 12 years experience in Muay Thai and over 5 years in MMA and BJJ. He has been coaching for just over 7 years.

John is also experienced in running, kettlebell training and strength and condtioning for athletes and non-athletes.

Training Philosophy

My training philosophy is simple.

1). Show up.

2) Don’t quit!

If you do these two steps, you will get results.

I believe in positive motivation for my clients. I do not take the “drill sargeant” approach by yelling and demeaning them. This may work for some, but it’s not my style.

I want my clients to walk away from their sessions feeling accomplished, inspired and always feel they are working toward their goals.


NASM Certified Personal Trainer Certified Muay Thai Instructor under Kru Mark DellaGrotte at Sityodtong Muay Thai Academy. -MMA Fitness Trainer under the Burn with Kearns system


Graduated Northeastern University with a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and

-Minor in Business Administration

-Completed training workshops for TRX, group fitness classes, circuit training and MMA based circuit training.

Current Gym

Woodside Boxing Academy

Location: West 58th St., Woodside, NY,

Native Gym

Sityodtong, Somerville, Massachusetts, USA

Location of Birth

St. Andrews, Jamaica, West Indies

Raised in

North Lauderale, Florida, USA




I went to Northeastern University and earned a BS in Mechanical Engineering and a Minor in Business Administration. Currently I am working full time at an Engineering company in New york, NY.

After some soul searching and found that Muay Thai, MMA and promoting fitness is my passion.

I am now a Certified Personal Trainer, Muay Thai Instructor, online personal trainer and Entrepreneur.

Why do I practice Muay Thai?

Everyone asks this question… except for other fighters because other fighters know why. But when I am asked this question, I then ask them “Why do you breathe?” Its a part of living for me. Practicing MUay Thai has helped me focus my frustrations to do something constructive, instead of leading down the path of self-destruction. I truly believe everyone has their own battles to fight in life. They just choose to do it in a different ways. I have had to fight through many things. Through anger my whole life, through injuries that have almost taken me out of the fight game, through backstabbers…the list goes on and on. But this where I coined the phrase “Life is Hard. Fighting is Easy.” When you get in that ring or the cage all the other worries in life fall away and you just have to worry about the guy in front of you who is trying to take your head off…lol